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Classic Car Trivia Paid

1 usd

Simple, challenging, & addictive!We give you the year, make, & model of a over 1,500 unique classic cars, and you have to pick it out of a visual lineup of similar vehicles, all before the time runs out. Put a picture of your actual car in the game. Go to our website to learn more.
With a fully G+ integrated leader board you'll spend hours trying to beat your Circle or the rest of the World in two simultaneously kept scoreboards. 1) Go for the high "Round" score. How many points can you achieve per group of 5 questions. Max score up to 50. 2) "High Score" measures your score over the complete life of the app. Remember while you get 1 point for each second remaining on the countdown clock per right answer, you also get inverse negative points for each incorrect answer. So no button mashing just to get the high score, as you can also can get a negative score.
-The only car trivia game of its kind out on the Google Play Market. -Game cannot be played offline-Testing has shown better picture load/response times on a 4g network rather than Wi-Fi